Internet Solutions

SEO activities (Search Engine Optimization) to improve the position of sites in online search.
Maintenance activities, temporary or continuous, to improve / stabilize / update web sites previously created.

  • SEO
  • Analysis of a website and the traffic generated
  • Keyword and content analysis
  • Optimization and speeding up
  • Increasing popularity (portals and social media)
  • Better usability and technical error correction
  • Site maintenance
  • Improvement and graphic update
  • Update contents, galleries, catalogs
  • Architecture analysis and stabilization
  • Bug fix
  • Integration with sites and social networks


A list of works managed in Italy, mainly in Piedmont and Sardinia:

  • Buongiorno Novara
    Web site:

    Works: SEO,
    updating components and graphics,
    bug fix
    Subject: online newspaper
    Place: Novara (NO)

  • Dessanti Sassari
    Web site:

    Works: news management,
    updating components and graphics,
    brands and catalogs update
    Subject: clothing store
    Place: Sassari (SS)


Mr. Paolo Codini
Via Rockefeller, 50
07100 Sassari(SS)
Phone: +39 347 5106650
For Novara area, phone: +39 0321 1696846

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